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Jeff is on vacation this week. He is calling it stay-cation since we aren't really going anywhere.  I am okay with that. I think he is too, mainly because he will golf every day and because he has plenty of time to devote to dinner making.  Dinner is VERY important to my boyfriend. And, cooking with him is one of my most favorite things in the world. It is just nice to be side by side, working on something- no tv, no distractions. Cooking together always involves listening to classic rock, singing into wooden spoons, dancing around, dropping stuff, mini food fights, and getting yelled at for feeding the dog. It is the best.

As soon as I got home yesterday, he wanted to know if I had any dinner suggestions. Silly of him to ask, since he already knew he wanted to make mussels. Or shrimp. Or lobster. Another bonus about Portland- want fresh seafood? Head down to the docks.

Once we got there, I tried pointlessly to convince him that we didn't need a ton of food (hello, we are only two people!) and failed. We left with 2lbs of mussels and 2lbs of jumbo shrimp.

One short You Tube video later on how to clean shrimp, and a minor freak out over "de-bearding" mussels (still no idea what that really means), and a sing-off to Meatloaf's Paradise by the Dashboard Light, and we had a fantastic meal (using this recipe +  this recipe).  Add in some fresh bread on the grill and sliced avocado + cucumber and we were happy campers.

Here is some of the craziness:



extra virgin of course

gross shrimp cleaning

shells? husks? I don't know what the shrimp casing is called!

all clean!

mussels give you muscles!

end result. broth was so so so good.

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