road trips + salt water taffy

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse

 Tuesday morning, we decided to take advantage of the weather and road trip it to Pemaquid Point. I wanted to show Jeff a part of Maine he had never seen and secretly wanted to drag him to antique stores (you know, cause I'm 65).  

One of the things I love most about Maine is that I have lived here my whole life (besides College) and yet there are still so many places I haven't seen. I adore the tiny coastal towns with the weather battered houses and old wooden boats on the front lawn, the tiny cute bakeries and mom & pop dinners.  The people are so kind- in a few stores they even let Cali come in with us!

The small towns- the ones I didn't even know existed- aren't exactly tourist free because I did notice out of state license plates, but nothing felt overcrowded or frenzied.  I was just so happy and content to be driving around, stopping randomly to snap photos or buy a $.50 cup of lemonade and some salt water taffy from some little girls. I don't need to travel to exotic or crazy places to be purely simply happy- in fact, something I have always wanted to do is just pack a bag, hope in the car and get lost. Who knows, maybe that is coming up!

by the way, car for sale. That is clear, isn't it?

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