Monday means ETSY time

Since I am broker than broke lately, one would think I would hate to browse a site that has things I want and yet cannot buy. NOT the case. I like to think of it as visual retail therapy.

Here are a few items I've been lusting over for the past week:

Seahorse mug from Skybirdarts

I know I know, I have picked rings similar to this one- but there is a simplicity in this that I just love. I see being a 'wear all the time' ring. I need it. Hello, job? Are you out there? Anyway, this is a hammered gold vermeil and faceted chrysoprase ring by Delezhen

freakin' cute Word Birds by SkyeArt
Antique door headboard by Alexg1785

can you tell i'm looking for a new bed? Reclaimed wood platform bed by Croft House


Emily said...

that is an awesome bed!

Emily said...

also, i lovelovelove the buttons/frames for the blogs on the side!