I just spent 10 minutes trying to come up with a title for this post- couldn't, so decided to move on and figure it out after I write what will surely be a huge mishmash of thoughts.  I apologize in advance for my lack of coherence.  There is going to be a lot of thoughts today that do not make a bit of sense.

Exhibit A- this is a text I sent to Alivia last night. To be fair, I had fallen asleep, woke up because the cat was chewing on my ear (let's just move on from that bit of knowledge, shall we?) and saw Liv had texted. I sent a reply. This morning I checked my phone to see if she responded and of course once I saw what I had written, understood why she did NOT, in fact, respond. Yipes.

Right, that sets the tone, no?

I am losing my mind a bit lately- trying to find a job, which isn't fun. I was one of the lucky few to be getting unemployment payments since I was laid off in December (Thanks Paul LePage). Mixed blessing at the time, was able to study for the bar exam full time while I hunted for employment. However, I never ever anticipated I would STILL be looking for work. Did you know that going to law school is completely pointless? It is! True story! First, Portland is over saturated with attorneys and thus no body is hiring. Second, I'm too scared to do my own thing. Third, NO ONE will hire someone whose resume says "I went to law school"- they assume we all want to practice and doing any other type of work is beneath us and we'll leave the moment we discover this. Um, not true. I would love love love to work at a non profit that either works in the juvenile justice arena or domestic violence awareness. I wouldn't leave, I swear.  Anyway, I'm very tempted to remove stupid law school from my resume and just pretend that I have my bachelors. My other law friends are having the same issue. It ain't just me.

Elizabeth & I hunkered down in a coffee shop for hours job hunting.

Baaghgghgh jobs. Well, this all wouldn't be as terrible if I wasn't in a bind with unemployment- long story short, I took a job while Jeff was in Australia that was only temporary until they found a permanent replacement. It was a marketing coordinator position. So, 30 days came, they found a permanent replacement and I left. They mistakenly sent unemployment something saying I left voluntarily and poof- I lost my unemployment,  I am in the middle of an appeal, and I haven't received $ for 3 weeks. Girlfriend is broke.  I fully comprehend that I am lucky to live with the love of my life, Jeff, who understands my situation and takes care of me, but it still super sucks. To add insult to injury, the unemployment office hearing officer lady I've been dealing with is rude and acts like I am trying to screw the system. Hey lady? Trust me, I'm the LAST person you should be worrying about. I want a job. I don't WANT to be unemployed. Please, tell me where the jobs are because the sooner I'm off unemployment's leash, the better. So go be rude to somebody else, I'm the least of your worries.

And then on top of all of that yuck, my dear sweet mother thinks that you can just "find a job!" in the newspaper. 


I don't think she believes me when I tell her I am actively looking for employment. Mom, I am. The newspaper, however, will not be of any assistance in this. Please, trust me. Gah.

Maybe I should just make bracelets for a living? 

Speaking of poor and law school, Emily did a fantastic post today about where to go in Portland when you are broke-- right here. I loved this post! All so true and wonderful, check it out and then go to all the places she recommends. I'm craving an Ohno breakfast sandwich right now, thanks EM!


these two will be here this weekend and most likely we will go to Ohno for some bfast sammies! Can I just point out that the majority of photos I have of Emily and Alivia, they have cameras in front of their faces? I did a pretty hilarious impression of Emily recently, that involves her walking around with a camera attached to her face.  How have these two not taken a major digger yet? 

I'd also like to point out that I'm not doing awkward and awesome today, but I am sure after a weekend with Emily and Alivia, I'll have plenty for next week!

ps: random, but does anyone have any suggestions for getting rid of fruit flies?

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