I am tired
I just had an incredible weekend.
Tired from lack of sleep, late nights and getting lost.
Bruised from tripping in heels, opening doors into myself, dancing mishaps.
Sore from laughing so so so hard.

I'll try to post a more coherent recap from the weekend at some point, but time with my soulmates coupled with beautiful weather and fun adventures just gave me an amazing 3 days.
We slept in cars, ate M&M's, made pizza, drank wine, watched romantic comedies, played on our computers, talked serious and talked nonsense, slept in, drank coffee, explored flea markets, took pictures, walked dockside, played with puppies, played dress up, ate sushi, drank cocktails, danced to old rock & roll, just danced, ate popsicles, spoke in silly accents, laid on the floor, wrote thoughts and overall, were entirely ourselves. 

Like I said, it was a wonderful weekend.

iphone evidence:

napping with Luna + Cali

Liv, teaching her adorable students. Luna, oblivious.

Princess Lunabelle

Beautiful wooden carving at the flea market

Alivia with our new friend at the flea market

so ugly he was freakin' adorable

flea market finds: $1 bracelet and beautiful old book

I can't really explain this- it was 1am.

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Emily said...

I just realized how dog-centered the weekend was - love it!