How did Monday get here so fast?

Oh Monday. I can't really complain about you right now since you sort of blend in with the other days, but still, Monday. YUCK.  Mondays are the days that you can't quite get your bearings and are more of a space case then usual. Is it just me?

Example: This morning, I was sitting at the breakfast counter enjoying my bowl of steel cut oats & berries, when Jeff came downstairs in a button down, dress socks and his boxers. Then he sat down and started to put on his shoes. At first I thought he was joking. He wasn't. He totally forgot his pants! You should have seen the look on his face when I pointed it out. Monday really took him for a ride!

Anyway, Mondays are also Etsy days. Best. Part. of. Mondays.

Multistrand climbing rope bracelet by SuperGozi

7ft tall leaning chalkboard by Toddmanring
Say What You Want to Say cuffs by Simag

small heart suede bracelet by DesignsbyJamieBoyer

Karagray Silk Dress by Leanimal
Yellow ballet flats by Extraseed
Alright, off to face the rest of Monday- hopefully with pants on!

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Emily said...

Ha. Jeff. I walked by the door to the building yesterday (Monday) afternoon and reached the end of the block before I realized. Oops. Definitely needed the 2nd coffee in my hand. Also, love those flats!