Floral phalanges- a how to

Let me start by saying I tried to spell phalanges as filangees. I stick by that spelling. The RIGHT way just looks wrong. Moving on, one day I wanted to try out Lauren Conrad's floral spin on nails- but wasn't a huge fan of the colors she used. So I took matters into my own hands (haha! Get it? wow...maybe this blog should come with a warning that I make terrrrrrrible jokes) grabbed my trusty bucket of nail polish, a tiny paintbrush and went to work. I had several compliments and was told by Alivia to do a tutorial.  Not counting my smoothie tutorial, this is my first. So don't expect much, also my camera and I are fighting. Also don't judge the condition of my cuticles. I sometimes bite...nervous habit. Anyway, here goes. 

You will need:
*nail polish remover for mistakes
*a tiny paint brush
*polish colors: pale/nude, purple, pink, green, yellow, orangy-red, and dark red
*clear top coat
*paper towels

  Paint your nails a pale pale pink or some light color that you like. I LOVE essie's ballet slipper.

Step 2
Take the purple polish and lightly blot off the excess on the paper towel. Then, like you did in art school, dab dab dab a few purple dots on each nail.

Step 3
Then take the regular pink + orangy-red, blot off the excess and do the same dab dots near and slightly over the purple.

Step 4
Then take the dark red and again blot off excess and make tiny little touches of color near the other color blobs (like how technical I am?). Then take the tiny paint brush, dip it in the yellow, and make little yellow blobs in the middle of the color blobs.

I just felt the need to point them out

Step 5
Clean off the paint brush in the nail polish remover, rinse in water, then dry. It doesn't have to be perfectly clean! Then dip it in the green polish and make little slashes of green, like leaves.

Step 6
Let air dry for 5 minutes, then coat with the clear polish. Ta da!

By the way, it is hard to take pictures of your hands.
By the way, let me know how I did on my first real how-to.

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