I wonder how much of my time is spent on Etsy.  A lot, that is for sure. The talent people have blows me away. If I could afford to buy everything I love on this site, I would. And when I find something I must must must have, I buy it anyway. I am POWERLESS!

by MesquiteGourds
Oh I want this bowl. I would put things in it. and I would love it.  Yes.

Ruffled muslin duvet cover by CraftsbyCarter

If I could have my way, my bedroom would have this duvet (actually It may soon...) It gives the perfect romantic, simple touch. I've seen similar on Anthropologie, but I like knowing that someone made this- not a machine!

and to go with my new duvet? I'll take this.

White birch shelves by Rusticurniture

tiny leaf leather wrap bracelet by Silkstone Design
burlap tote by Jalmodovar
Oh oh oh. I want to have this.  And I think it wants to have me too.

Excuse me, I'm off to sell some of my things so I can afford to buy all of the above.

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Emily said...

Cute banner! I don't know when you changed it, but I love it! Also, I love the little camera button for If Ever... ! Adorable! xo