Etsy Monday!

Whew.  I was away all weekend, had an exhausting test last week which lasted two days and feel like I haven't had a moment to take a deep breath since then! Today is all about accomplishing my to do list at a nice slow pace, going for a run (half marathon training starts TODAY!) and reading. Oh I also need to do my nails for the floral nails post.

Anyway, I always always have time for Etsy Monday, (well ever since I started it like...3 weeks ago but who is judging me?) so coffee and smoothie in hand, let's go!

Barnwood Artwork by Modernark

I don't know why I love anything made with barnwood. It is weird that I just adore it, but I do. I even want an old barn door. What would I do with an old barn door, who knows. But I want one.

Birdie scrabble tile magnets by Casie (LittleputLand)
wrap/poncho/COZY by vjones1
I just want to wrap myself up in this during the chilly fall weather!

mint geo beaded necklace by amerrymishap

scrabble coasters- hilarious! by Floridalisa
Graphic print linen dress by LanaStepul

This dress. This is the CUTEST dress ever and looks like it would be so so so flattering on anyone! WANT.  Plus the seller has like a billion more dresses I adore. Yipes, hiding my wallet now.


That Girl in Pearls said...

You are not crazy... or well, there's a chance that we're just crazy, but I adore barn wood too. Anything reclaimed, really. I would LOVE to have a reclaimed barn door in my house one day. Have you seen those? That slide? They're fabulous.

Hope you have a wonderful day, Love. Good luck on your half marathon training! That sounds fantastic!
That Girl in Pearls

Nicole said...

thank you! and love knowing there are other barn door lovers out there:) ps fantastic blog!:)

Alivia said...

I loooove all of these. When we're rich an famous, let's look back on your Etsy Mondays and buy everything.