Awkward + Awesome


~ THIS commercial. I cannot stand it. Is it the rhyming? Is it the fact that the kid is looking at the muffin like it is going to start doing magic tricks? Not sure. It just freakin' drives me nuts.
~my previous post regarding the mannequin.
~Having a leaf in my hair at the grocery store and NOBODY pointed it out to me.
~tripping. it is always always awkward.
~pictures of myself + Jeff at the wedding we went to last weekend. I swear I'm making the same face and doing the same ridiculous dance in every one.
Exhibit A 

Actually, maybe it is just pictures of myself in general?
 You tell me.


~being done with "the test"
~sitting out on our deck with a glass of wine + a bowl of cherries, reading a book
~1/2 marathon training (this could also be awkward)
~seeing EMILY two weekends in a row, starting next weekend!!!!!!!
this one time, Em faked sleeping on me.
~These wonderful two weekends also involve Alivia- I can't wait for the trouble we are going to get into. I am sure both weekends are going to be entirely awkward and awesome.


Alivia said...

That picture! RAar!!

Emily said...

HA. For the record, I fell asleep soon after that photo was taken. Just sayin'.