Weekend wrap

Yeah I know I have a major test coming up in about a week- however, I could not resist spending as much time as possible outside this weekend. Friday, I studied in the sun and spent the evening enjoying the summer air with friends on the deck at Flatbread.  We had delicious food and were privy to the sounds of G Love wafting in the air from the nearby pier. ALSO huge full moon. 
Portland Pier
 Pardon the blur, but all I had with me was my iphone. That night I kept thinking how lucky I am to live in Portland. Not many cities are the right size, have the right amount of things to do, aren't terribly crowded and sit directly on the ocean. Plus, people in Maine are nice. Really really nice.

Saturday morning we were up and busy- we had pancakes and coffee then hit the farmer's market. Jeff hasn't been yet this summer so we were there for awhile- I STINK and did not take many pictures but promise I will next Saturday or this Wednesday. We bought: cilantro, carrots, string beans, potatoes, goat cheese, a beautiful bouquet of flowers for a friend's birthday, strawberries, blueberries and a yummy smoothie to split. OH we also got delicious sweet Italian sausage- but that was more Jeff's doing than mine. I honestly don't care how much money I spend at the farmer's market since I know I am spending my money locally and on delicious wonderful things. I happily throw my money at them!
Pretty flowers you can EAT!

Saturday afternoon/evening, we + Cali headed to our friend's camp on Sebeago lake. It was WONDERFUL. Spent all day and night eating, swimming, laughing and eating some more. The water was the perfect temperature and I am a huge huge huge baby when it comes to chilly water. I spent over an hour bobbing around in the lake and only came out once I turned into a prune. Cali looooooves swimming and therefore was in doggie heaven. Watching her jump off the dock is hysterical and I'll have to get it on video one of these days. The sunset was gorgeous, we had an awesome dessert made for us (chocolate chip cookies smeared with peanut butter, milk chocolate and a marshmallow stuffed between them then wrapped in tinfoil and roasted over the fire until gooey and impossibly delicious- no photo because I ate mine too fast) and drank copious amounts of sangria. 
Pretty Sebego Lake

Happy dog.  
This morning I woke up and had quite the interesting experience of slamming my finger in a window and getting it stuck. You would think that would be the worst part of it, however the almost fainting and laying on my bathroom floor for 10 minutes really did the trick for me. That is all I'm going to say about that. Finger is still attached but the nail is touch & go. We will see. 

Hope you all had an amazing weekend as well- life is far too short to worry about what doesn't really matter (coughTESTcough) and instead enjoy what the days give you.

tired puppy

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Alivia said...

Oh this sounds like the perfect weekend. Yay Friday!