A New Do

I like reading blogs.
My best friends blog. (here + here + here).

And yet, even though I have had a blog for a looong-ish time, I could NOT for the life of me get into it myself. I couldn't commit. I made excuses. I got scolded (yes, by you Em & Alivia).

This past wonderful weekend spent with Alivia, we figured out why I wasn't able to delve into the blogging world: My blog wasn't pretty. Sounds silly, I know, but after looking at beautiful blogs on a daily basis, I couldn't stand that mine wasn't what I wanted it to be. It wasn't me.  Luckily, Liv took the reins on my blog and has given it a makeover that makes me excited to look at it. AND she told me I can blog whatever I want. Now, I know people may not give a hoot what I write, but at least I have a pretty page and that is all that matters to get me going.  Maybe, just maybe, I'll develop a theme. Or maybe I'll just use this page as a dumping ground for all the visual things I adore. Who knows, but now at least I have a desire to venture over to my blog spot and hopefully stick around for a bit!

Keep your fingers crossed...


The Sequined Blazer said...

love the new look! fingers are crossed!!!!!

Alivia said...

Love this post. Skype soon, please.

Emily said...


Kiersten said...

I love the layout of the blog - it looks great! And even if you don't think anybody wants to read it, I'm sure people do. I enjoy reading your blog!
Good luck :)
<3 Kiersten