Maine summers: a true love

Even though the past couple days have been less then stellar, I can't help but look back on my summer so far and have about a billion memories that make me smile or things and moments I am thankful for. I go back and forth with my favorite seasons, always proclaiming that it is fall, for the crisp air, beautiful leaves and cozy moments- but then I'll announce that spring is my favorite, because it is fresh and alive and watching the trees slowly turn green and flowers pop up is wonderful...however, when it REALLY comes down to it- Summer, Maine summer specifically, is my favorite. Maine summer, for those who don't know, starts mid-July and not in June like the rest of the country. Maine summer has randomly scorching days, cold ocean water and refreshing nights. Maine summer goes until about the end of September and gets better and better as the days go on. I just can't deny it any more, summer is my favorite

The little things i love about summer: salty air from the ocean or salty skin from a run, sand stuck to everything, the smell of sunscreen, flip flops, cut off jean shorts, the way the air feels on my arms out the window of a car, grilling everything, fresh veggies, lemonade, cold cold beer, camping, fireworks, stars, jumping off a boat into a clear lake, going for night walks, chalk, sparklers, summer dresses, the smell of rain, the smell of the campfires, ice cream, the fact that everything seems to taste better, farmer's markets, first Friday art walks, margaritas, eating outside, popsicles, nights out with friends, not getting sleepy at 8pm, sunsets, the smell of fresh cut grass, the sound of kids playing, riding bikes...oh I could go on + on.  

Instead, here are some pictures that represent the wonderfulness of my summer so far. More to come, I'm sure:

first s'more of the season!

cousin weekend 2011

Deliciousness at Tu Casa

i <3 my cousin

yay, friendship bracelets!

yummy breakfast

My cat has issues

itty bitty frog

Bar Harbor, 2011

Haha, sister.

top of Beech Mt.

BBQ feast

delicious lemonade


Alivia said...

Pretty sure winter is my all-over fav, but *Maine* summers are definitely surpass every other season for me. Only Maine's, though.
P.S. If I didn't love you so much, I'd be soso mad at you for posting that God awful photo of me :)

Emily said...

Man, between you and Liv this week my heart is so missing Maine. I didn't really get a chance to do a Maine summer correctly (that ONE summer I spent there out of four years) so I think we're gonna have to fix that sometime soon. Hm. Brainstorming already... ;-)