How to make the BEST smoothie ever. No joke.

This morning during my run I had an epiphany. My first mile was easy, a warm up start and my mind was wondering and thinking of things I had to do and then when my Nike+ person (side note, the first time the lady's voice came through my headphones I almost jumped out of my skin) announced that I had 2 miles left in my run, I picked up the pace. I wanted to get my second mile in under 9 minutes.

[Let me just pause to tell you that I just recently in the past few months started running regularly again- ever since I saw some unflattering photos and decided I needed to slim up. I've been running about 5 times a week since the end of April and ran in my first road race in early June. It has been GREAT and I'm thinking of training for the 1/2 marathon in Maine this fall. But for the month of July I have been doing easy 3 mile daily runs and been feeling guilty that I'm doing them slowly...cut back to this morning]

So right- I picked up the pace for mile #2 (completed in 8:14) and for mile 3 slowed back down again to an even steady jog. As my brain started to clear from mile 2, I epiphisized (yes, that is a word) that I really really really do NOT like running for speed. Or running to lose weight for that matter. When I run just to run, it is actually relaxing- close to fun! For example, while my mind was meandering happily during my first mile, for my second, all I was thinking was "are my shorts riding up? my side hurts. I can't breath. This sucks. I hate this. Faster. FASTER. OMG FREAKING GO FASTER. Don't trip. Wipe sweaty face. I hate this."  So anyway, long story short (not really at this point though, right?) I've come to the conclusion that I'm not going to run for any other reason than to clear my mind. Let running be my yoga. I'm not going to care about clocking certain times or racing or weight. Why do something if it is miserable?

Bet you are wondering where the Best Smoothie Ever part starts and wanting me to shush up about running! RIGHT. So, mile 3 when I was back to a clear state of mind I started craving one of my smoothies. Then decided I would blog about how to make one! YAY finally I got there!

Best Smoothies Ever.

For this you'll need:
Greek yogurt, plain
1 bananna
Frozen berries (I like mixed but doesn't matter)
Fresh berries/any other fruit you like
Also, you'll need to crush your almonds into a meal- you know, so you can drink them without choking. That is always a plus. 
Then, fill your smoothie making device (I have a magic bullet) almost full (about 1 cup) with the frozen berries. Give it a quick 10 second zap in the microwave so the fruit isn't frozen solid.
Then, add about 1/4 of a cup of greek yogurt. THIS my friends is the key- well, that and the frozen fruit. NO ICE CUBES. Ice cubes in smoothies make them like...sick slushies in my opinion. Using just frozen fruit to get them cold and yogurt keeps them nice and creamy and filling. 

Give it a grind in the ol'bullet (or blender for that matter) until most of the fruit is blended. Please ignore the peanut M&Ms in the background. Those are Jeff's, I swear.

Then add your banana- the. whole. thing. Don't be shy. Blend it all together again.

Next, dump in about 2 tablespoons of the crushed almonds (you can also use flax meal or chia seeds) and pour your fresh berries on top. I only had blueberries but adore putting fresh raspberries in my smoothies best.  Blend until all crushed, mixed, whatever it is called.

Then, enjoy! These are so filling and are often a meal for me- usually breakfast. Sometimes if I want to be extra good, I'll toss in some kale and it turns a sick shade of green brown. Still tastes amazing though! Once you try a smoothie this way, I swear you'll never go back to the gross ice cube method. Boo, ice. Ask Alivia, she'll tell ya!

ps: Thanks for reading this insane long post.


Emily said...

this looks amazing. can we please have these in august?!

love, love, love that you are blogging again.

Alivia said...

Um, I never microwave mine. Maybe that's why I get a headache when sucking them down?
And yes, kids. She is telling the truth. BEST EVER.