Explanation: Why I love Lauren Conrad

If you know me, you know that I worship Lauren Conrad. If you don't know me, you may have noticed the photo on the bottom right featuring LC + if you venture to my pinterest then you've seen my numerous pins either of Lauren, her hair, her blog, etc. It is pretty obsessive. BUT, in a good way! I know I know, it is pretty messed up and weird. Whatever.

My love affair began when I accidentally caught the very first episode of Laguna Beach. That lead to obsessively watching The Hills. Even though she is younger than me, I find her relate-able (even though she is a bajillionaire). The main reason why I admire Ms. Conrad is her style.  I adore her casual, yet classy looks. Her skinny jeans. Her flare jeans. Big sunnies. The way she always looks so effortlessly put together.

{images from www.celebrity-gossip.net}

and then when she did this to her hair, I desperately wished my hair was longer + I was braver so I could try that trend too! In my mind, she can do no wrong. I even love all the colors she paints her nails!  Bottom line: Lauren Conrad is my girl crush and I've accepted it. You should too.

Ok, I'm off to paint my nails with a floral pattern- like LC, of course.

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