Etsy Monday!

In the spirit of keeping me blogging, I need some sort of routine. So, hence forth (yep. I said it.) Monday's will be dedicated to whatever I have been recently lusting for on Etsy. A lot of the reasons why I love going to Farmer's Markets apply to why I just adore shopping for gifts, jewelery, art, etc. on Etsy. Original stuff! Non-corporate! Sweet nice wonderful crafty people! AND bonus, from the comforts of my own big squishy couch. 

This week:

Aquamarine ring by MSO Joies
Big gorgeous rings are my thing- and this ring fits that to a T! Sterling silver contrasts so nicely with the rough unpolished Aquamarine stone. Beautiful stuff from this Etsy seller.
Elephant Onesie by Pinecone and Chickadee
One of my good friends told me last week that she is pregnant! Of Course I immediately hopped onto Etsy to find some cute adorable original non-pink/blue onesie and BONUS found Pinecone and Chickadee, a local Portland husband & wife duo that make the most wonderful silkscreen prints!

Original Linoprint by Nikimilns

Happy, quirky prints!

Cute organic lingerie- sign me up! by Brookthere
Another Portland local- also has many cute comfy looking clothes in her Etsy store :)

Small hanging air plant terrariums by The Tropical Garden
I have developed a love of succulents. These glass hanging gardens do not help my addiction!

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Brooke said...

Love that ring and those hanging plant terrariums. Very earthy.