Awkward + Awesome

So one of my most favorite posts that my darling cousin/bff Alivia does weekly is the Awkward + Awesome post. It always makes me laugh and I look forward to reading it every week. Also makes me understand just how related we are:) She told me that she got the idea from another great blog The Day Book- and that I should join in on the fun. Didn't need to twist my arm...


-the fact that it took me about 5 tries to spell awkward right.
-Yesterday morning, after getting out of the shower I slipped and fell. Not by any fault of my own, but because of the ridiculous pile of baby powder that my boyfriend leaves on the bathroom floor each morning. Why does he use baby powder you ask? Another story for another day.
the cause- big space in the middle is where I wiped out
-It was 97 degrees yesterday- will be about 100 today. That said, no ac downstairs (it is MAINE! You are not supposed to need ac!) lead to a temperature of 91 degrees in my living room.
-Because it was that hot, I decided to go to a coffee shop in the old port- got to Bard, ordered a latte (iced) and sat down. After about 40 minutes decided it was too loud in there- I think everyone had the same idea that I did- left and headed back to my car. There is a tiny park on Exchange Street that is usually filled with an interesting variety of people. Yesterday was no exception and I was lucky enough to witness a completely topless woman shouting about how how it was and how she was expressing her right to be topless. sigh. Yes, it is legal in Maine for women to be topless. Lucky us!
-Boob sweat. 'nuff said.


-Farm fresh veggies. One of the reasons I love summer! I think I ate 4 tomatoes for lunch yesterday and that is it. YUM.
-The smell of sandy, salty and sunscreen all mixed together is awesome. 
-I finished off an entire box of Trader Joe's raspberry popsicles in a grand total of a day and a half.
-Because of the heat, I spent a good portion of yesterday camped out in our bedroom where we DO have air conditioning. It is just hard to study up there because being on my bed and all, I just want to nap. I made sure Cali came up with me to enjoy the cool air and this is what happened 

-One of my aunts lives close by in  Cape Elizabeth. She has a pool. She was awesome and kind enough to let Jeff, Cali and I go over last night and swim in the pool. AMAZING. It was lovely. And beautiful. and and...well, you get the point. I think I floated on my back for 20 minutes just watching the dragonflies loops around in sky while I enjoyed the cool water. Also, she and her fam are heading out to Bar Harbor today (I don't want to talk about how I am not going and how it is the first time I haven't been in 27 years) and she told Jeff and I we could go over to her house whenever we want to swim. Yes. I will be going there today in fact to study and swim before:
-Alivia is coming to play!

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