Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day by neb5982 featuring wire wrapped earrings

We have no plans and I don't know if we're going out- but if we were, I wanna rock this something fierce.


I've been super busy lately with studying and getting ready for the bar exam that I haven't had much time to do much of anything else...usually in the winter I plan and day dream for what I want to do in the spring.

Well, thanks to Anthropolgie for sending me their spring catalog I took a study break to "plan" what I want my house to look like/be filled with someday :)


I want my bedding to be a mix between cozy, dark colors and soft colors
and check out this amazing bed frame- it is just amazingly stunning:
I'm also obsessed with this dresser/bed frame/bedding- this room calls to me:
I'm also loving the look of this room- exposed brick just does something for me. I also love the old eye chart framed as artwork! Fantastic idea.

I would also love to get some of Anthropologies' gorgeous wallpaper and do a statement wall...


Welcome, 2011

A new year.
A fresh start.
We can leave the sadness of 2010 behind.
We can remember the happiness of 2010 fondly.
A do-over (bar exam).
A chance to start my professional life.
A chance to organize.
Most of all, a clean slate. I love that.
Bye, 2010- you taught me a lot.