so long, 2011!!

I can't believe 2011 is almost over. This year has flown by. It has been a year of firsts, a year of struggle, a year of babies and pregnancies and laughter. It was a year that was better than expected and harder than expected.  

I was unemployed this year and I failed this year. But, I also SURVIVED this year. Survived unemployed, survived failure. I rediscovered this blog and have made some wonderful friends because of it. This past year, old friends came back into my life and became such an important part of life, helping me through the hardest parts of this past year.  New friends were made. Book clubs were formed! Creativity was tapped into and I completed some unreal DIY projects! My life "plan" was reevaluated this year and I discovered that it is okay to go down a different road than I thought I would. 

I got an iphone this past year. I won an ipad this past year. Basically, the majority of 2011 was Apple related. Hey, I'm ok with that- if you know me you know my love for apple runs deep.

I ran a half marathon in 2011 and rocked it. And fell in love with running all over again. I ran in a 5k for Maine's Tri for a Cure and raised over $2000 for the cause-- in memory of Jeff's mother, Jane, who passed away in 2010. 

2011 was also about learning to live with that hole in our lives- that huge gap in Jeff's life. It was about readjusting to holidays without her, and knowing when he needed to talk about her or share a memory. In 2011 we watched his childhood house change and shift without a female presence in the house. But, in 2011 we also learned how to cook a turkey all by ourselves and put on an entire Thanksgiving meal for his family. We learned how to miss someone but also remember and be happy.

and, AND in 2011, last week, Jeff proposed. In the sweetest, most incredible way possible he asked me to marry him and duh, I said yes. He has been my best friend, my rock, my source of laughter (have you heard this guy laugh, it is contagious!) for the past 5 year. I've never been more sure of anything in my entire life. ps, the ring is gorgeous and simple and classy- exactly what I wanted- and he had it made just for me! 

So- as hard and strange and weird as 2011 was, I wouldn't trade it in for anything. I'm ready for whatever 2012 will bring and pretty excited about a fresh new year. 

Now I just need a great resolution. Ideas? What are yours?



Warm Wishes

Hi guys

Going to be a little sparse here over the next week or so- but very exciting news coming for 2012. It is going to be a wonderful year- and if I don't say so myself, 2011 wrapped up the BEST way it possibly could have.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday. 


Packing Problems? Never fear, TSB is here!

Happy Wednesday everyone! I'm SO excited for today because the fabulous girls over at The Sequined Blazer are guest posting! Liz is one of my closest friends and she and the lovely Anna started TSB a little over a year ago. It is my go-to blog for fashion advice and inspiration. Since I'm going to be heading to Jeff's Dad's house the day after Christmas, it made me remember the first Christmas I spent with his family-- how nervous I was and how I had NO idea what the heck to pack. I sure wish TSB was around then because I probably wouldn't have needed two suitcases for 3 days. Enjoy the post and make sure you go say hi to these amazingly fashionable ladies over at TSB!


Although we can hardly believe it, Christmas is less than a week away!  Where the time goes, we have no idea.  While some among us are busying themselves with last minute shopping, we're, as always, worrying about what on Earth we're going to wear this weekend.  For those of you planning to hit the road (or airport) this holiday, you'll inevitably be forced to plan your outfits ahead of time.  This can be especially difficult if you're headed to your in-law's (or future in-law's, as the case may be), where lounging around in your pajamas while your mom cooks breakfast and does your laundry is, unfortunately, not on the docket.  To  alleviate some of the pressure, we've put together a packing list for just occasion.  If only the rest of the weekend were going to be this easy! 
Comfy Daytime Ensemble: This "Sunday Chic" outfit does double duty, acting as travel gear on Friday morning, and resurfacing to pick up last minute groceries on Saturday.  Cute, Not Sexy, PJ's: Chances are you'll be spending a lot of time in your jammies this weekend, and as much as your Sig-O might like the look of you in his boxers, we're guessing his family isn't going to think it's quite as cute.  Slouchy leggings and a thermal work whether your headed to bed or opening presents with the fam.   Christmas Dinner Duds: With Christmas falling on a Sunday this year, we suggest packing two somewhat dressy outfits for the weekend.  This year we're loving bright colors for the holiday season.  In a sea of greens and reds, you'll be a total standout, and we don't see anything wrong with that!

 Steal the Style:
Hive & Honey Shearling Waterfall Jacket, $58.99 Splendid Distressed Thermal Tee, $82 Citizens of Humanity Avedon Skinny Jeans, $209 Rampage "Kourtney" Boot, $49.99 Anthropologie Trim Stripes Leggings, $38 Anthropologie Striped Thermal, $88 Tinley Road A Line Mini Dress, $59 Urban Outfitters Moroccan Earring, $20 Steve Madden Sparrkk Booties, $249 Zara Lace Shirt, $49.90 Alice & Olivia Arthur Pant, $198 Kelsi Dagger Karmine Pump, $115

Happy Dressing, 

Liz & Anna


Etsy Monday!!

Happy Monday party peeps!! Y'all have a good weekend? It was fa-reakin' cold here- so the perfect weekend for drinking hot chocolate, popcorn and watching movies. 

Speaking of movies, my favorite movie in the whole WIDE world is The Goonies. I love it and could watch it over and over and over. And after last weeks Etsy Monday featuring the Hunger Games, somebody suggested I do more 'themed' EM's. And because I watched The Goonies this weekend and because it made me so happy, today's EM is featuring THE GOONIES.

OH OH and other awesome news, this Wednesday The Sequined Blazer is doing a guest post! Aw, I have the warm and fuzzies. 

Here are this week's Etsy gems, featuring the best movie ever. Also, click on the pictures to go to the etsy store- I'm changing things up a bit!

btdubs, i need this print. big time.

and i could drink my coffee out of this amazeballs mug.
and my imaginary baby can wear THIS!

this shirt & i need one another.


Nobody told Santa to stop buying presents....

First off, I'm a huge slacker and have yet to finish editing the post about the deer antler necklace holder. I will get to that- I swear- as well as share some of the other DIY projects I have been throwing myself into. Some of them have turned out better than I expected- while others...let's just say they have turned up in the dumpster. 

Second- I went to the mall yesterday. I know. Who goes to the mall the week before Christmas? It was insane. I could hardly find a parking spot, could hardly walk from store to store and was wearing a winter jacket and sweat my b's off b/c it was so hot/crowded in there. Honestly, I cannot stand crowds. They make me really...not happy. I don't like pushing or being pushed, or having the back of my shoe stepped on, or wanting to look at a certain item but not being able to because I can't get to it...drives me crazy.  But, being about a week before Christmas and having presents for only 2 of the 8 people I need to buy for, I succumbed to the pressure of the mall.

I know I said I wanted get all locally made or handmade gifts for people this year- and some of them I did (thanks, Etsy) but some gifts can only be found at the joyous mall. Maine's Dinearound book, for example. Oh AND the other night I participated in Merry Madness- so that counts. I got Alivia's gift that night. And drank 3 glasses of wine. It. Was. Awesome.

Back to the point of this post (are you guys sick of my rambling yet?)- I had an incredibly successful shopping trip yesterday. I knocked out gifts for my dad, mom, Jeff's brother, Jeff's sister-in-law, my sister, my brother + sister-in-law, and part of Jeff's present. I was ecstatic! I shared my excitement with Jeff, thinking he would be equally joyous since I just saved him the pain and suffering of shopping for all of these people and instead, I got this: "You shouldn't be buying anyone anything."

(via: Jenna Marbles. i just had to. I love her.)
Wha? It is CHRISTMAS. I get that I am not gainfully employed (yet. I had an interview last week that went pretty well, cross fingers) and I get that I should save all the monies I have...but my absolute favorite part of Christmas is GIVING people gifts. I love thinking of something creative and meaningful to give people. I love the looks on people's faces as they open their gift. I LOVE IT ALL, don't take that away from me! Besides, I've been squirreling away my babysitting money (yes, I am a 13 yr old girl) for this very occasion! And, I'm not dumb- I'm not spending tons of money, just getting small meaningful gifts. 

I tried to explain this to him and was still met with his goofball arguments- but by the end of the conversation I think I won. Of course, that is if winning means me covering my ears with my hands and yelling I don't want to talk about it any more and it is too late b/c I already bought people things and I can't (i.e. won't) return anything. As a punishment to Jeff for ruining my Christmas mood, I proceeding to sing instead of speak for the rest of the evening to the tune of "we wish you a merry Christmas". I just love the figgy pudding line so randomly inserted that line. For example, when I wanted another glass of wine, "Please bring me a glass of wine Jeff, Please bring me a glass of wine Jeff, please BRING me a glass of wine Jeff, just bring it right here.  I'll beat you with figgy pudding, i'll beat you with figgy pudding, i'll beat you with figgy pudding, if i don't get wine!"

Hey, he deserved it.




  • My dog throwing up the other day- massive pile of puke. Me trying to clean it up, failing miserably and throwing up myself. Yeah- then imagine cleaning up dog + human puke. It was real sick.
  • Getting so bored while babysitting, I create epic stories of heroism with the kids toys:
  •  Jeff and I debating for 20 minutes whether to get fresh or cooked shrimp at the fish market- mostly awkward because there was a line of people behind us.
  • Hangover 2. Just was completely awkward. 
  • Shutting my hair in the car door. Freakin' ow. 
  • Trying on a ring at some fancy schmancy store in the Oldport and getting it stuck on my finger. 
  • Slipping in my socks on the hardwood floor, falling and getting a bruise on my chin. 
  • The look on my Mom's face when we gave her an iPad for her birthday
  • Finally getting in the holiday spirit
  • Singing Christmas songs to Jeff at 7am to wake him up. He loves it!
  • Finishing our DIY cat litter box holder out of an old cabinet- as inspired by this! Looks great!
  • Re-teaching myself how to knit
  • Seeing my whole family in a little over a week, I can't wait. They are awesome.
  • The nice man at Trader Joe's giving me a 10 minute speech on red wine and romance
  • People from Jeff's work giving us holiday candy/cookies/popcorns-- I guess this is also kind of awkward, since I have to run extra miles because of all these treats
  • Solidifying our NYE plans in Camden/Rockport


Heartbreak sucks, no matter how old you are!

I'm in full on holiday spirit lately- and I love it. I've been super busy either making gifts, to do lists or planning the family Christmas party. I'm also working on a "how to" post (hopefully will be ready on Friday) on how to make your own necklace holder out of deer antlers. Seriously, they turned out so well I'm thinking of starting an Etsy shop and selling these bad boys. 

Last night, my bookclub had a 'used book yankee swap' and it was SO much fun- we drank wine, ate yummy food and sweat our asses off in front of a way too hot fire (finally had to ask the waitress to shut the damn thing off!!).  I brought the book Midwives by Chris Bohjalian. I ended up with a book I've already read, but I don't care- it was so.much.fun.

In place of a great and meaningful blog post, I leave you with this hilariously heartbreaking video of a 4 year old who has had her heart shattered. Poor baby, but I definitely laughed.


Etsy Monday - The Hunger Games Addition

Everyone's obsession lately with the Hunger Games has got me obsessing.  I read the books a little over a year ago, but just recently re-read them. Yep, obsession justified. And, I cannot WAIT for the movie...kind of. I'm scared that it'll stink or not meet my expectations or ruin the whole book series for me. Crossing my fingers though, because Jennifer Lawrence is an amazing actress and from the trailer, it seems as though they really embraced the books when making the movie.

Did you know that there is TONS of Hunger Games goodness on Etsy? Yeah. And did you know that I'm a big enough dork to want it all? 

Don't worry, they also have Team Gale



My name is Nicole and I suck at blogging. 

Tonight, I'll change that- I swear. 

me xoxo


ME me me meeeeeeeeee

So last night I was perusing through one of my new favorite blogs, Running On Happiness, and stumbled upon a post she did called Who I am. I love the concept, so thought I'd do my own- you know, just for funsies.
 Who I Am...

I am...almost 30 years old. GASP.
I want...a job I love.
I have...to pee
I wish...I had a magic button that would take away pain from people I love
I hate...ignorance
I fear...lightning. and pretty much dying in general.
I hear...my dog snoring.
I search...for houses online- so fun.
I wonder...why life needs to be so dang complicated sometimes.
I regret...eating that 3rd lemon cookie just now.
I love...Jeff. My friends. My family. Wine. what? I do.
I ache...for a chance to be great.
I always...have a glass of water near my bed but usually never drink it.
I usually...have 2 cups of coffee a day.
I am not...going to to let life just happen.
I dance...at weddings. with my dog. all the time, really.
I sing...loud and proud.
I never...have traveled across the Atlantic Ocean.
I sometimes...high 5 strangers.
I cry...whenever a song/musician gets it right.
I am not always...right.
I lose...my sunglasses, always.
I am confused...by math. any kind.
I need...to believe in myself more.
I should...start writing. start trying. start living.

Who Are You?


getting in the spirit of things

There is no snow on the ground*, November flew by and I cannot quite grasp that it is already December. The warm weather has made it feel like a balmy fall and not even close to winter wonderland. Needless to say, I haven't been able to get into the "holiday spirit" so far. I change the station when Christmas music comes on, I was sort of "eh" on getting a tree and haven't even made a single Christmasy treat! 

Little by little, that is changing. We went and cut down our tree this weekend, decorated it yesterday and I knew I had a major break through when I purposely put on "All I want for Christmas" -Mariah Carey version- and rocked out.

Tonight, I actually want to watch a Christmas movie!! I love feeling the Grinch melt away as I fully start to embrace the season.  

What puts you in the Holiday mood??? How do you know when you are finally there?


Baby shower-- what I wore

I went to a baby shower this weekend and the weather was a mix of sunny and freezing. I wanted to wear a cute dress, but didn't want to freeze my buns off! 

Layers are my friend. 

Dress, F21; fleece lined leggings, TJ Maxx; sweatshirt, H&M; boots, Steve Madden; earrings, F21.


Anthropologie should apologize to me.

I have a love/hate relationship with Anthropolgie. Love, because I love everything in the store and on the website. Hate, because it is freakin' expensive. Seriously, I usually just cross my fingers that the item I'm lusting over will soon be on sale or that I'll win one million dollars.  Now, only one of those things usually happens and even then I have not enough monies to buy said item. Therefore, they should apologize to me for making me sad and making me want so many things.

We are getting our Christmas tree this weekend and Anthro has SO MANY adorable ornaments. I really really cannot justify buying any of these, but if I did happen to stumble upon a briefcase filled with a million dollars, these are the ornaments/decorations I'd buy.

Now, if you'd excuse me...I'm off to go hunt for random briefcases filled with monies.



Today, the average temperature in Maine was warmer than any other state, including Florida. It is December 1st, tomorrow. This. Is. AWESOME.

Sorry skiers, but I'll take this amazingly warm perfect snow free weather any day.  

Images of warmth (and random):


CYBER Etsy Monday!!!!!!

Etsy is joining in on the fun that is Cyber Monday (which to be honest, I didn't really know what cyber Monday was until a few days ago..) and some great things are on the cheap or sellers are offering free shipping! Here are some of my Cyber Monday finds, act fast!

Hand blown glass snow globe ornament by Jessie C.
Recycled silver secret message ring by Punkybunny300
Vintage 1950's gold bracelet from Malibloom
Distressed bookcase by Aly&Company
Silk ribbon bracelet by Letterhappy
Vintage woven bag from Hazel Hall Vintage (AMAZING vintage finds here, people!)

And now I must stop, because if I don't I will surely spend the entire day scouring Etsy!


Remember when I won an Ipad?

Don't judge me for this face, I was really excited:

And here are some images from the rest of the Holiday- minus any awesome winning!