a rambling of weekends and beyond

Today is Friday (as some of you may be aware...unless you are Emily, and then there is a very good chance that you think it is Tuesday) and my weekend is very loosely filled. I say loosely because while I have plans, they are not concrete and some of them are kind of lame. Like housework, for example. Tonight we are going bowling at Portland's newest bowling establishment for Pete's birthday. I've never been there, but from what I hear it is quite different than most neon florescent bowling places. I'm excited to showcase my skills. 
Yes, that is me. On the floor.

After tonight, the weekend is more of less up for grabs. My obsessive compulsive disorder is forcing me to clean tomorrow- I may enlist Jeff for this, I noticed mold on the bathroom ceiling and all 5 feet 4 inches of me cannot even get close, even standing on my tippy-toes. Is it weird that I get extremely uncomfortable when the house is messy? I cannot stand crumbs on the counter, leaves on the floor, dirt and fluff balls in corners, clothes flung over railings...ugh, just thinking about it I am getting twitchy. After a day of cleaning, I'd like to spend tomorrow night vegging out with friends and wine. I hope that happens! 

Sunday, I'll go home for the day/night to see my 'rents since I will not be in attendance for Thanksgiving. This is the 3rd year in a row! That is kind of sad- what is not sad is not having to worry about running into any local Winslownians that I would like to avoid. Instead, I just have to think about the possibility of running into Jeff's nutter ex. Yay!

SOON (most likely December 1st) I will be without job. My days will then consist of exercise and the library (bar exam is in February)- I am actually excited to have a regimented schedule, partly because I'll finally have time to move my body & stretch. I love the way I feel when I am in shape and can move around on a daily basis. 

However, before the above occurs, I will be taking a trip to Connecticut to spend some q.t. with Em- I expect we will laugh, read, sleep, eat, explore and get into large amounts of rated G trouble. I cannot wait. I may be more excited for that than Christmas.

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Emily said...

Everyday is Tuesday!

I actually checked your blog to see when it would be a good time to give you a call. (Is that bad?) Hope you are loving your time at home!