Monday morning folly

Nicole  to Emily
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yessss and i'm nervous. what if I break the Turkey?
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Emily  to me
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Is it possible to break a turkey?  If there is anyone I would trust my turkey with, it would be you.
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Nicole  to Emily
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Emily to me
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When you come, let's pretend that we are life partners from England and looking to purchase another summer home, and make an appointment to see this house.  Then, we'll walk through it and make all types of notes on a legal notepad (with squinty noses) about how we would redecorate.  Because, let's face it, this house is poorly decorated (and has way too much garage).

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Nicole  to Emily
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holy crap, YES!!!  (although I'm going to make you practice your english accent)

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Alivia said...

This is awesome.
I gave you a well-deserved award.
Go see.