"I want"

That is a phrase that can be so completely loaded. "I want" can make you sound selfish, needy. I try to avoid saying it but usually just replace it with "what I would like is"...and really, is that much better?

When I really look at it, is saying "I want" so terrible? Isn't it being assertive? Just being clear? However, when your "I want" doesn't match up with another's "I want" or their "I don't know" what do you do? Do you stay firm in what you want, what you know you need? Or do you bend, even though it comes with cost to you...Do you weigh out the pros and cons of letting go of your "I want" and just being okay with what you have?

I'm not sure what is good. Or, more clearly, what is good for me. I know that you can't be afraid to want something. That part I know I have a grasp on.

"I want"...selfish?

I would like....(I want) to be with the man I love for the rest of my life in a committed relationship with a ring on my finger as a symbol.

I WANT (I would like) a job that I love that challenges me.

I would like (I want) to live with ONLY Jeff and no one else.

I WANT (I would really like) to see my friends that live out of state more.

I want many many things. I would like many many things. Bottom line? It is up to me.

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