woowee STYLISH!

A lovely way to start a Monday includes getting a 'Stylish Blogger' award! 
This was given to me by my cousin, Alivia who's blog I just adore. I tend to brag about her a lot and how great her blog is, so you probably know who I am talking about. :-) I thank her profusly because I certainly do not see myself as stylish but it is super sweet to know there is someone out there that does!!

Word is, that there are rules to this as follows:
 The Rules:
1. Thank the person that gave it to you
2. Share seven facts about yourself
3. Choose seven blogs you love to receive the award, and be sure to let those bloggers know you gave them the award!
As Alivia said in her blog, seven facts seems like a TON. Let's see what I can do here...
  1. My worst habit is that I bite my nails- I am 28 years old and have done this for as long as I can remember. I want to quit, really I do (!) but it is just so hard!! Maybe I'll get hypnotized?
  2. I, like my dear sweet cousin, suffer from an anxiety disorder. I have blogged/talked about it before. About 4 years ago, I started law school and after dealing with some pretty crazy symptoms and being scared out of my mind, I was diagnosed with panic disorder. Panic attacks were a part of my every day life for awhile and caused me to be afraid of lots of things that I normally was fine with. However, after time, cognitive therapy and some help from my doctor, I've been almost panic attack free for 6 months!
  3. I HATE elmer's glue.
  4. I am terribly, inexplicably afraid of Thunderstorms (lightning). 
  5. I am a nerd and I love to read- a great night in for me would include lots of blankets, a great book, my comfy clothes and a glass of wine. Oh man, just writing about that, I want it!
  6. I went to law school. I'm taking the bar exam in February. I'm terrified being a lawyer won't be fun or enough for me. 
  7. I love decorating rooms-- this is more a mental act since I haven't really been able to do (money!) what I want in my own home, but the planning and looking at items for the home, paint colors, rugs, cool old bits of furniture...ahhh I LOVE it.
Eek! Now I have to pick seven blogs? Well of course, I think right back that my cousin's blog/she is stylish...but 7 more? Hrm...

OBVIOUSLY, my peach or to you known as Emily with If Ever I Could, if you want to read some fantastic writing that often will take your breath away, head over here!   

My good friend Elizabeth has started a fashion blog with a friend of hers called The Sequined Blazer and it is pretty damn neat!

I read a bunch of other blogs but think that these two will appreciate being mentioned and I am unsure about the others! Anyway, COOL.

Happy Monday:)


Monday morning folly

Nicole  to Emily
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yessss and i'm nervous. what if I break the Turkey?
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Emily  to me
show details 8:38 AM (26 minutes ago)

Is it possible to break a turkey?  If there is anyone I would trust my turkey with, it would be you.
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Nicole  to Emily
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Emily to me
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When you come, let's pretend that we are life partners from England and looking to purchase another summer home, and make an appointment to see this house.  Then, we'll walk through it and make all types of notes on a legal notepad (with squinty noses) about how we would redecorate.  Because, let's face it, this house is poorly decorated (and has way too much garage).

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Nicole  to Emily
show details 9:04 AM (0 minutes ago)

holy crap, YES!!!  (although I'm going to make you practice your english accent)


CANNOT stop listening to this: Ingrid Michaelson - Parachute

I usually don't listen to songs on repeat, but I seriously love this song. I cannot stop listening to it!

a rambling of weekends and beyond

Today is Friday (as some of you may be aware...unless you are Emily, and then there is a very good chance that you think it is Tuesday) and my weekend is very loosely filled. I say loosely because while I have plans, they are not concrete and some of them are kind of lame. Like housework, for example. Tonight we are going bowling at Portland's newest bowling establishment for Pete's birthday. I've never been there, but from what I hear it is quite different than most neon florescent bowling places. I'm excited to showcase my skills. 
Yes, that is me. On the floor.

After tonight, the weekend is more of less up for grabs. My obsessive compulsive disorder is forcing me to clean tomorrow- I may enlist Jeff for this, I noticed mold on the bathroom ceiling and all 5 feet 4 inches of me cannot even get close, even standing on my tippy-toes. Is it weird that I get extremely uncomfortable when the house is messy? I cannot stand crumbs on the counter, leaves on the floor, dirt and fluff balls in corners, clothes flung over railings...ugh, just thinking about it I am getting twitchy. After a day of cleaning, I'd like to spend tomorrow night vegging out with friends and wine. I hope that happens! 

Sunday, I'll go home for the day/night to see my 'rents since I will not be in attendance for Thanksgiving. This is the 3rd year in a row! That is kind of sad- what is not sad is not having to worry about running into any local Winslownians that I would like to avoid. Instead, I just have to think about the possibility of running into Jeff's nutter ex. Yay!

SOON (most likely December 1st) I will be without job. My days will then consist of exercise and the library (bar exam is in February)- I am actually excited to have a regimented schedule, partly because I'll finally have time to move my body & stretch. I love the way I feel when I am in shape and can move around on a daily basis. 

However, before the above occurs, I will be taking a trip to Connecticut to spend some q.t. with Em- I expect we will laugh, read, sleep, eat, explore and get into large amounts of rated G trouble. I cannot wait. I may be more excited for that than Christmas.


I suck at blogging

and it is okay- maybe when I am soon unemployed, I'll post more- but really I am better at reading them. And i loooove reading Em & Alivia's blogs- favorite part of my day.

Actually, another favorite part of my day is the slew of emails between Emily & I- they are weird, random and hilarious.

Start at the bottom (!!!!!!!):

From me to Em:

1) Yeah right. I'll believe it when you tell me how in love you are with the books. FOR the record, Alivia looooves them and got her boyfriend to read all 7 in 3 weeks. Do. It. Maybe when I come stay with you in a few weeks we can discuss. Or, if you haven't read them yet, I will tie you to a chair and read aloud to you. Yes, I will.

2) No, it'll be crazy- I'm going to wait until I can be in the theater without 10000 kids.

3) Yes, but I do believe Taylor Swift got there first.

On Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 9:36 AM, Emily Pelletier wrote:
Ahhhhhh! I know, I still have to do that - maybe today!!  For real!

Are you going to the movie on Friday?

Would you be okay with me dating Jake Gyllenhaal?

On Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 9:27 AM, Nicole Boutin <nboutin@******.com> wrote:
harry potter-ish:)


On Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 9:26 AM, Emily Pelletier <emilykpelletier@*****.com> wrote:
hahahahahahaha  flaterbuster?  LOVE IT!  wanzer?  LOVE IT! 

british?  australian?

On Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 9:21 AM, Nicole Boutin <nboutin@****.com> wrote:
oh flaterbuster, listen to it...he is a wanzer. just because you listen doesn't mean you need to call him back!


"I want"

That is a phrase that can be so completely loaded. "I want" can make you sound selfish, needy. I try to avoid saying it but usually just replace it with "what I would like is"...and really, is that much better?

When I really look at it, is saying "I want" so terrible? Isn't it being assertive? Just being clear? However, when your "I want" doesn't match up with another's "I want" or their "I don't know" what do you do? Do you stay firm in what you want, what you know you need? Or do you bend, even though it comes with cost to you...Do you weigh out the pros and cons of letting go of your "I want" and just being okay with what you have?

I'm not sure what is good. Or, more clearly, what is good for me. I know that you can't be afraid to want something. That part I know I have a grasp on.

"I want"...selfish?

I would like....(I want) to be with the man I love for the rest of my life in a committed relationship with a ring on my finger as a symbol.

I WANT (I would like) a job that I love that challenges me.

I would like (I want) to live with ONLY Jeff and no one else.

I WANT (I would really like) to see my friends that live out of state more.

I want many many things. I would like many many things. Bottom line? It is up to me.