the final countdown

Only basically 3 days left until I see Jeff- I am very very very excited.

I felt like blogging, but don't really have anything interesting to say- so instead i'll list things that have been making me happy this week/month/lately!

  1. Red wine- ever since Jeff has been gone I've been having a small glass at night before bed. It is delicious and from what I hear, good for you!
  2. Knitting- I learned! I'm still learning, thank goodness for youtube and their helpful videos. 
  3. CALIFORNIA- I leave in 3 days and I cannot wait to see the southern part of the state!
  4. Pumpkin- be it in the form of ice cream (Eddy's...omg so good), pudding, pies, cookies, scones...i've sort of become obsessed and managed to cook pumpkin in every way possible. I even bought a pumpkin candle. 
  5. Soup- I've been making delicious veggie soup to go with my goal of becoming a vegetarian and so far so good. I essentially just throw whatever vegetable I have on hand into the crock pot and let the wonders of slow heat take it from there.
  6. Hot apple cider- fall is hot apple cider time and I have a cup a day. It is so cozy when I am under a blanket wearing my pjs, wiggling my toes because i'm happy and warm. I love being warm. 
  7. My uggs- Yes, I know. They are ugly. and over priced. BUT they are also supremely warm and soft and I wear them as slippers for the most part. I don't care what anyone says- i love my warm warm super soft ugly boots.
  8. Cali- she has been awesome company in Jeff's absence and has managed to take up most of the bed, even more than Jeff does. But it is cute and makes me smile. and I love my smelly dog. 
  9. Stupid CW shows that start at 8. I think this needs no explanation.
  10. Ridiculous emails from friends I love that come from all hours of the day with no common theme or point. I love them.
  11. Receiving picture text messages- i LOVE this and I don't know why.
  12. Apples and peanut butter- I sort of hook on to a snack food for about a month and adore it. This month, this is it.

these pictures I did not take, but wish I did- got them all from weheartit- love this site so I guess this is #13 of the things I love in picture form:)

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Emily said...

Oh, I love this list. It makes me feel "fall" inside - warm and cozy. I think the pictures have a lot to do with it, too! And, of course, it makes me miss you so, so much.