All by myself

I spent weekend #2 without Jeff doing many fall things I love. It wasn't so bad, but I know it would have been better with company. It made me miss Emily, too- because she loves these cozy fall things as much as I do and I haven't heard her laugh (squeak?)  in person for so long now. 

Missing Jeff is like breathing- I do it without even thinking. Inhale (missjeff) exhale (missjeff). It just sort of IS. I learn to navigate around it and occupy my time. I spent Saturday with a friend in the morning, then the afternoon with Cali, and the evening with Katie-- drinking hot chocolate, knitting and watching a really really stupid movie (The Stepfather...but hey, it had Dan from Gossip Girl in it). We had Duckfat paninis for dinner. OHMYGOD they are so good. I forgot how wonderful those can be. As well as their fries. swoon. for real- you just don't understand how good something fried can be until you've had their fries.

Sunday Cali and I met Molly and her dog Greta for a walk in Topsham. 

It was beautiful! All alone a river and the trees were so pretty-I loved it!! So did Cali. She and Greta chased each other alllllll through the woods, dove into the river and rolled in mud puddles and managed to completely soak Molly & I.  Downside, I spent 2 hours yesterday picking burrs out of Cali's fur. Poor puppy just laid there as I sprayed her with Johnson & Johnson detangler and picked, pulled and combed the little f'ers out.

I decided I NEEDED pumpkin seeds, so in my trip to the grocery store bought two huge pumpkins and just hollowed them out for their tasty little seeds. A nasty process well worth it. I also tried spaghetti squash for the first time last night- holy goodness. I put a little parm cheese and red sauce and it was just like spaghetti, except far less carbs:) and then, just when I thought I could relax with a glass of red wine, I said HECK no and whipped up some pumpkin chocolate chip scones- an adapted recipe using more pumpkin, less sugar and whole wheat flour.
However, as you can see- the wine was present the entire time.
I've decided that drinking wine alone while you bake is perfectly acceptable and encouraged.
Yummmmmmy dough- in a nice little circle.
Before baking- I even did an egg wash! oh la la.
After...can I just say...these are amazing. Its like..fall in your mouth. ha!

I know i've made it abundantly clear that I love the fall, but it just keeps getting better and better. The BEST will be in a few weeks- but for now, i'm doing more than okay.

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Emily said...

Sometimes I don't think it is possible to miss you any more than I already do, and then I read your blog.

Hot chocolate & Katie? - I wanna join!! Duckfat fries? - I think I am drooling. Pumpkin seeds will never be the same if you're not the one pulling them out of the stove. (LOVE the pumpkin photo!) And those scones look amazing. Pumpkin cookies, here I come, it's totally time. (Finally!)

This is just really a jumble of letters that say: I MISS YOU. Fall isn't the same without you. XO