Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

Something old:

My best friend got married this weekend- it was extremely surreal. We've been best friends for so long that it has turned into one of those more like a family member than a friend type friendships. The wedding was wonderful and beautiful and such a good time. It was our last wedding of the season! I think Jeff & I are wedding-ed out for awhile...unless of course we're planning our own. But, I am trying not to think about that.  Old friendships are the best. Like a pair of worn in jeans. Comfortable and reliable. I am so happy for my friend!

Something new:

This weekend held a bunch of new! Jeff and I met new people at the wedding (Sarah's sister-in-law, Cami, who has a really neat blog Health & Happiness ), I met my friend Amy's one week old baby boy, Aiden and decided to go on a new adventure! Jeff and I, after slight discussion, have decided to be as vegetarian as we can.  Basically this means that dinners will be vegetarian- the meal we both share.  I will mostly eat vegetarian, aside from fish, but Jeff I am sure will partake in meat during lunch.  But now that he is willing to eat vegetarian meals, it makes it much easier for me to go all the way. I'm so excited! I had been wanting to do this for awhile now and think I am finally ready- not gonna lie, Cami, who is vegan, pretty much sold me on this. I'm hoping this winter to stay healthier!

For dinner last night I really wanted pizza, but wasn't in an ordering mood or a messy make your own mood, so we made french bread pizza with grilled veggies. Using whole wheat bread, shredded cheese made with skim milk and tons of veggies, it was delicious!

I'm scoping recipes for veggie dinners that are delish and filling- send them my way if you know of any!

Something borrowed:

recipes! yum yum yum, I came home with a few from the weekend- and finally am trying the overnight oats from www.ohsheglows.com for lunch. I made the pumpkin pie oats and they look realllllllllllllly good. I'll let you know how they taste! But seriously my 4 little followers, please let me know of any recipes you have- I'm on a cookie spree!!!

Something blue (teal): Our dresser that we refinished! I'll post pictures tomorrow, but it turned out freakin' AWESOME!

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Emily said...

No more winter colds for you, lady! Yay! XO

P.S. Can't wait to see the dresser!