My other love (this is gonna get cheesy)

Music has been a part of my so long, I often neglect it. I completely take it for granted. I don't give it the attention it deserves. Most that know me recall a time when going to shows was an every week occurrence. I've worked at radio stations, sold merch at shows, worked as a "manager" and completely and thoroughly saturated my life with those bands/musicians that I adored (including a tattoo on my ankle).

But, after college- going to shows became harder. My life became busier. Then in law school, following the music scene became increasingly difficult. I no longer had the time or money. Buying music off itunes was even a challenge. Listening to my ipod was scattered at best.  Music seemed to slip away from me- the only songs I knew were those I made up in my head about hating torts/con law/etc.

Don't get me wrong, it was always there- a part of my life, even when I didn't really know it- but I wasn't embracing it like I had in the past. Music, unlike most things other than humans, can love you back. A song can comfort you when you are in your darkest moments. Lyrics can explain what you cannot put into words. A melody can lift your spirits and make you want to spin and dance. Rhythm can propel your feet to hit the pavement faster on a challenging run. It is difficult to explain, but it is true to me.

About a month ago, I was at a wedding. After the reception, people were supposed to go outside for a fire. I sort of got turned around in the large hotel/resort and ended up in the hotel bar, where a youngish 20 something guy was performing with his acoustic guitar.  It was dim, dark and warmer than it should have been in that bar. Only about 5 people were present, maybe 1 or 2 paying attention to the guy.  But, he didn't care. He sang. I stood there semi-frozen as the sound swirled around me. Again, hard to describe- but sometimes I feel as though the sounds of a song can seep into my skin. It feels like the lyrics and the harmony start to slowly flow through my veins. I get goosebumps. Sometimes, when I'm driving in a car and certain songs come on, I get so full of the sounds that I almost tear up. So there in that dark little bar, I remembered how it felt to hear and feel the music.

Since then, my ipod has been attached to my ears. I've been rediscovering artists, songs, lyrics.  I've been rightly obsessing with Stephen Kellogg and the way his voice makes me feel like i'm on fire but safe.  
Enjoying the humor in Matt Nathanson's lyrics and beats and perverse sound bites from live shows. 

Losing myself in Ray Lamontange and the way I feel when I listen to him,  like i'm wrapped in 100 cozy blankets on a snowy day with a cup of hot tea.  

Consuming myself with my favorite female artists: Charlotte Martin, Ingrid Michaelson, A Fine Frenzy, Regina Spektor, Fiona Apple... 

Longing for Damien Rice, Howie Day (the OLD Howie Day), David Ford, Joshua Radin, Counting Crows...

A couple songs that have been just pretty much on repeat are:

 Falling Slowly- Glen Hansard

Anyway, I just wanted to talk about this- and I have for awhile. ALL relationships take work- an I guess I've learned that even my relationship with music needs my attention every once in awhile...

ps: Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers are playing at the Port City Music Hall Oct 29th. *swoon*

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Emily said...

You have introduced me to so much good music over the years. Even if you're not paying attention to it, you still radiate music. BUT I'm glad you're paying more attention to it, because I loved this post - I always love knowing what it playing in your ipod. xo