Love is this, too.

He leaves tomorrow. 
I want to whisk us away...
Maybe here:
or maybe here:
someplace where we can be alone.
sometimes, when we're together-we are just quiet.
we don't have words.
we don't need words.
i think in those moments i love him the most.
i want to make everything wonderful for him.
i want to make everything okay.
sometimes, i don't realize how much we balance each other.
when he is scared or nervous, i'm suddenly brave.
when he hurts, i'm strong. 
when i am sad, he makes me laugh.
I've got something real good.
22 days to miss him. 
Just 22.
that isn't too long. 

it really isn't. 
and, I love having someone to look forward to:)

1 comment:

Emily said...

oh, i'm teary! he'll miss you so much also. and even though there is a time difference, the seconds you will both be counting until you can see each other again will be the same length. i love you, my beautiful friend.