down about Down Under

Jeff leaves in 3 days for Australia.

I am not pleased about this.

Not even a little. I KNOW it isn't that long. I KNOW that 22 days is minute compared to what some people have to go through...but, it is the longest we've been apart. AND i hate sleeping alone. I get scared. Cali misses Jeff. Makes me miss Jeff. I already miss Jeff & he isn't even gone.

Maybe he'll bring me back a kangaroo. Maybe.

I'm just worried. I worry. I can't help it. I don't know when/if/how we'll get to talk. What if Cali pees on the floor? What if Jeff finds a poisonous snake? What if the car breaks down? What if he gets bit by a shark?

I get to meet him in LA on Oct 16th- my plan gets in at 8pm.  Again...worry---> i have to fly ALONE. eep.

Maybe Lauren Conrad will be on my flight to LA....but somehow I doubt it.

Dear time, please fly by. Thanks, Nicole


Alivia said...

Okay, so I know how it can be to be away from your love for a while, and my only "words of wisdom" are: stay busy/distracted. Nights will be hard, but you've slept alone before & you don't have to forever!
Flying alone=also scary. Do what I do: pretend you're famous. I'm serious, it gives you this weird air of confidence and assertiveness that the nerves just kind of...go away! If that doesn't work, erm...write things down. Just start writing, like "The walls are blue, the chair is uncomfortable, her hair is braided." Time seems to pass quicker that way for me.
Love you :)

Nicole said...

awww all great tips! Thanks cousin! love you, too!!!! xoxo