Becoming a nerd

Well, I'm not sure if home improvement projects make me a nerd (then again I already was a nerd) but I have totally and completely gotten hooked. Example: now at the grocery store instead of wanting to purchase US Weekly or some other lame gossip rag, I find myself buying Better Homes & Gardens. HA!

Currently, I am revamping the guest room- beautiful creamy white duvet cover is in the mail, nightstand is almost done and wall art is in the making (will post pictures when complete) but one thing that is done is the bureau!

Please ignore the tied curtains. and Please ignore the random two items atop the bureau. However, LOVE the finished project. I am so very happy with the way it turned out. I was going to distress it, but didn't- and now don't think I want to.

The nightstand is white and I'm looking for a different bookcase, an old wooden chair and then the room will be furnished!

Upcoming projects include: Painting the master bath a light slate gray, new sink, new shower, overhaul on the master bedroom, painting the hallway, repainting the living room, repainting the 2nd floor bath. Yipes.

Oh well! FUN!

Also- veggie dinner last night was so super good. I made a sort of mexican spinach casserole. Whole wheat tortillas, low fat cheese, green salsa and green enchilada sauce, baby spinach, black beans, red onions and cherry tomatoes. It was pretty frickin' good!
Very gooey and flavorful! I sort of just added whatever and loved the end result.
and, so did Jeff (that is his 3rd helping!)

He is cute. The end!

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Emily said...

Can I come over and sleep in the GUEST ROOM and eat your yummy food and give your boyfriend a hug? Please?

Love yous.