Today, even though I woke up with a sore throat (ewww), we headed to the apple orchard. The weather was perfect- 65 & sunny!
Cali was super excited- she loves apple picking!

About two seconds after I took this picture she got the zoomies and ran around and around a tree like a crazy person- it was hilarious. Well, I thought so. Jeff- not so much.

I seeeeee you!

I enjoy hiding in trees. 

I don't even know what this kind of apple is- but they are delicious. and red. they are NOT red delicious however.

I grabbed her JUST as she was started to take off around the trees again- she thinks the apples are balls.
we are slowly starting to get better at the whole one-armed picture thing.

I see meeeeee!!!!
Jeff said it was too early for pumpkin carving- I guess he's right. 

I cannot even tell you how good this was. So. Good. I bought a gallon. I also bought a yummy looking blueberry oat scone mix. That = breakfast tomorrow.

And these....they are just one of the most wonderful creations ever. Apple cider donuts. They were still warm. OMG. We bought a 1/2 dozen (only $3!) and ate maybe 4 on the way home. We couldn't help it. They were STILL WARM! mmmmmmmmm. Now I want another way.

It was a perfect time and now we're grilling some food and I have yummy root veggies in the oven roasting- brussel sprouts, beets, potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, onions, garlic... lets just say, it smells fantastic. AND then we're having a fire & making s'mores. Did I mention I love fall? More then love, I adore. I..I...well, you get it.

okay off to have more happy! xo


Alivia said...

I love the picture of you and your sweet doggie :) This sounds like the perfect day! Mike & I are going apple picking soon...we just have to find a spot... And a common day off

Love you, miss you cousin <3

Nicole said...

Thanks darling cousin!

sarah said...

Awww I miss the fall in Maine!!! You got some amazing pictures ... I love the one of Jeff through the trees :)