String beans

We just finished dinner and as I sat there munching my Maine grown fresh string beans,  (uncooked because that is the way I like them) I was smiling and happy and very much content. Weird because it is rainy and cold, but I am HAPPY. Nothing happened exactly...I just feel warm and loved. Safe. I have wonderful family, incredible friends and Jeff. GOOD things are happening! I feel so so so so lucky:

  1. A friend told me today she is pregnant! 
  2. I've met wonderfully nice people this last month- yay new friends!
  3. I have discovered creative outlets (see below)
  4. Bought some new cookbooks and have been trying new foods
  5. My best friends wedding is two weeks away
  6. Jeff is the most wonderful man ever and continues to make me laugh and I have fun even grocery shopping with him. Yeah, that awesome.
  7. I like making lists, but i'll stop...

Anyway this blog post is boring but all of like...2 people read what I have to say anyway and LOVE me no matter what (Alivia! Emily!) so it is all good.

Here are some pictures from the things I MADE this weekend!!!


Alivia said...

I love you alwaysalways! And your post was a lovely, happy note on which to end the day (a day that was, for me, terrible-- underlined twice).

Thanks for making me smile :)

Emily said...

Oh, happy happy, YAY!

1. Uncooked string beans are the best
2. What are you putting in the frames?
3. What is the dark piece of furniture in the PEACH (get it?!) room?