My thumb is turning green!!!!!

I was determined to have a garden of sorts this summer- mainly because we live on the corner lot and have some yard and also because I love fresh herbs. I have no desire to plant complicated vegetables because I have a bad bad habit of starting something and then getting bored with it and moving on. Most that know me can attest to this—I have many started crocheted items, but nothing finished.  I have started (and promptly stopped) several blogs, tumblr, etc.  Grew a strong interesting in painting…and lost it. Started “redoing” our bedroom & got bored. Anyway, you get the point. So I knew I should only plant things that do well on their own.Thus, I (and by I, I mean Jeff) bought and planted two tomato plants. Then, FROM SEEDS (!!!), I planted basil.

I am so proud of me and us. Our plants are huge, we have one red tomato so far with many green ones on the vine. The basil looks yummy and I’m starting cilantro tonight! My little thumb just keeps getting greener & greener. Next step is hiring a plumber to install a hose outside. As cute as Jeff looks with his little watering can, I know it is a pain in the butt. Our neighbors had it done and told us it was only $100- which isn’t bad at all. Worth it. Would also make bathing Cali a tad easier than shoving her into the bathtub.

On another note, we went and saw Despicable Me this weekend. It was cute, although I must admit the two margaritas that I had beforehand caused me to doze a bit in the middle. What! Come on, it was a late movie and I take zero responsibility for what tequila does to sleep habits.

Also this weekend I furthered my obsession with etsy.com (which, btw, my lovely cousin sells her clever hair pieces here) and bought this necklace! I cannot WAIT until it comes in. I asked for dark gray and light gray flowers- yay! Since I have two more weddings to go to this summer, me thinks it’ll be used.

Over all, fantastic weekend and it was nice to be relaxed & happy.

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