Feelin' hot hot hot

This weekend was relaxing- completely totally & utterly relaxing. I did next to nothing and loved it.

I:  learned to knit (working on a dish cloth!), started a new book (The Book Thief), drink some red wine, had a delicious blueberry brownie, slept in, sweat, watched the Hills season 1 on instant netflix, met up with Molly for some drinks-- yummy sangria  and blueberry beer-- SOOOOO refreshing!

I hadn't been downtown in a reallyreally long time- especially just a girls night-- and it was so much fun.  One of the places we went to, the Garden Cafe at the Regency Hotel was amazing. It was such a nice night, warm- probably close to 80, and a light breeze. We just sat at this cute little table outside with lights in the trees, lanterns hanging down and candles flickering. Amazing place & I highly recommend it.

Sunday was spent in the sun with a book, more knitting, eating cherries & frozen grapes and then Jeff & Yaws came home. Thus halted my relaxing weekend as I was forced to play in a co-ed softball game (forced is loosely put).

It was hot all weekend. HOT. Like mid-90s hot. Like...outside-for-two-seconds-have-sweat-pouring-out-dripping-down-your-skin hot. Which, is nice. It is summer, after all. Isn't this what summer is about? Being sticky sweaty and wanting nothing to eat but ice cream and popsicles? I like it.

Cali, on the other hand...might not.


Alivia said...

Nicole. I want this font.
How did you do it?
Love, your geeky cousin.

Emily said...

Love the font, font, font. (!!) Also, I wish I could have been a part of your lovely weekend. XO

Nicole said...

the title font or the text font? :) EMMY ME TOO I LOVE YOU

Alivia said...

The text!

Nicole said...

its called segoe print :)