Crayons have some stiff competition

I have an obsession with nail polish. Yes—a girl who notoriously bites her nails is obsessed with nail polish. However, I have learned that painting my nails prevents me from biting them, at least for a short while, so that is something right there. I think mostly, it is the colors. There are SO MANY different colors! This is what I have on my nails right now- I forget what it is called, but boy do I love it. I tend to lean towards darker colors- but really, anything fun will do.

My nails have been orange, purple, blue, black, black with sparkles, gold, brown, nude, bright green, teal, etc. Really, when I go into a CVS or Walgreens I cannot tear my eyes away from all the bright colors!

I know, I sound five- but studies have shown that certain colors can make an impact on your mood.So…why not wear happy colors on your fingers to make you feel a little bit happier? Summeryier? Darker?

I like to stand out just a little bit- even if it is just my finger tips. ANYONE can rock a French manicure, but can anyone rock navy blue nails??? Nope. Go out and paint your nails- do it. Also, maybe fill me in on the color so I can give it a try.

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