Reality TV & me

It all started many years ago when Laguna Beach premiered on MTV.  I just happened to catch the first episode and I was hooked. I don't know why, I seriously wasn't that into tv-- but something about the show just snagged me.  Maybe it was because when I was in high school I experienced much of the same drama (minus the designer clothes, BMW's & water view mansions) that the lead females were. I stuck through season 1, season 2, couldn't really get into season 3 because my favorite, Lauren Conrad, wasn't on it, but luckily I had The Hills to move on to. Then the City. Recently, the Bachelorette.

To be clear, I know that these shows are not "real" and that the producers create much if not all of the scenes and dialog. I'm not that dumb (even though Adam insists that I believe the story lines are real...) I find these shows hilarious, entertaining and fun to talk about. It is sad, I know- but I can't help it.
As of late, though...it has gotten worse.
You see, I want Lauren Conrad & Ali Fedotowsky to be my bffs
Before you (and by you I mean E, the only one that reads my blog) think I am nuts...(which btw, you shouldn't because you have a sick obsession w/John Mayer) hear me out.  Granted, the shows may not be real and lines may be fed, but I like to think I am a pretty good judge of character and behind all the clothes, hair extensions, stupid lines and girlie giggles I think both are good solid people. I can just tell. And I am a good solid person (most of the time) so i think we should be friends. The best of friends. Bosom buddies if you will. 

Top Ten Reasons Why LC & Ali Should Be My BFF
  1. I am an expert on boys & drama
  2. I have read both of Lauren's books-- and actually liked them
  3. Like Ali, I too have dated more than 1 guy at a time therefore we could commiserate
  4. I am far removed from the LA scene so could be a breath of fresh air for them
  5. Ali & I both have the New Englander thing going on and she's been to Maine
  6. I love the beach
  7. I can keep a secret most of the time
  8. I don't know any paparazzi 
  9. I wouldn't expect lavish gifts or going to cool clubs all of the time
  10. I'm really really really funny and most of the people in their lives right now, are not
There you have it. I'll let you know how this goes.


Emily said...

I can't speak for LC because I don't think I have seen a full episode of The Hills, but Ali would love you! (As much as JM would love me. ha.)

Alivia said...

Cousin, did you know I have to put my twitter username and password in when I get to your blog? Just wanted to let you know! :)