the good laugh

I know I posted a sort of sad/depressing mess earlier...but I just laughed and laughed at the funniest craigslist posting and my email exchange with whoever is trying to sell this item.

Potato Masher

This 'masher' was listed in the FREE section of craigslist.  First, note the misspellings and humor as the person describes a white tomato masher, then a potato masher and finally-- says they are willing to deliver this no more than an hour away.

So, what does one do when they read such a hilarious post? They inquire- and I did:

Me:  Hello, i saw your ad on craigslist for a potato masher...or white tomato masher...it really wasn't clear. I am interested in finding out more about this masher. Would you be willing to deliver it to Biddeford? Also, have many can it mash at once?

Them:  Hi Nicole, I am not sure Where Biffeford is, is it too far from Augusta? The mash can only do a small amount of potatoes at once. It is also white.

Me:  Excellent, do you think it would mash red potatoes?
Them:  Yes it will, it mashes any type.
and so, I would like to thank the owner of this masher for helping me laugh today.

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