jobless yet creative

i need a job. i. need. a. job.

mainly because i am broke beyond belief & am tired of living off Jeff and being late on bills....but also because I am bored. Don't get me wrong, it is relaxing not having anything to do- but at the same time, I did NOT go through 3 years of law school to wake up late, go for runs, read fiction novels and re-pot plants.

lately i have:
  • painted & refinished 3 vintage window frames that I am going to use as "art" on our bedroom walls
  • read over 10 books (each of the Twilight's for the 3rd time)
  • boxed & stored my law books
  • cleaned out our closet
  • donated to good will
  • edited photos
  • taken photos
  • cleaned. a lot.
  • started using my nike+ipod thingy
  • painted some abstracts
  • painted my toenails
  • killed a jade plant (oops)
  • saw Ray Lamontagne live
  • drank lots of coffee
  • made cookies, cinnamon rolls and homemade brownies (hey, i'm running)

don't you SEE why I need a job?

what if my brain gets rusty.


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