Seize the carp

I know it is carpe diem...i just used to joke about it when I was in high school- sounds funnier saying seize the carp. Anyway, over the past week and one day I have sort of been thinking a lot about life- for obvious reasons. I am 27 and there is so much I haven't done- or seen. I keep thinking how we only have ONE life- yet we go to school to get a job, get a job to pay the bills, pay the bills to live more comfortably...it is a weird, endless cycle. I envy those people that sell all their possessions and travel the world- I wish I had that somewhere in my personality. All I work towards is having a job I love, so making the money & paying the bills is at least somewhat rewarding.

However, I want to travel~ and now, more than ever, I am determined to go to the few places that I long to explore:

I really really reallyyyyyyy want to go to Costa Rica. Not only does it look beautiful, but it is fairly inexpensive to travel to and around. Plus, beaches, tropical rainforests and sunshine- I think that about sums it up.

Greece! Man oh man, i do not know what it is- but this country calls to me. It needs me. Can't you see that?


Pretty pretty New Zeland- I heard it is cooler than Australia and that is basically why I want to go. So judge me, I don't care. It is a beauitful, lush, green place and that is all I need.

ahh, the lovely:

TUSCANY! Ever since I saw the movie "Under the Tuscan Sun", I have wanted to visit. I want Italian food, wine, cheese, music, sunsets....I want all of the Italian experience.

So.... someday in the future, I fully intend on seizing the carp every year and traveling to one of these places with Jeff. Just you wait....


Spazzy the Flying Goat said...

You think new zealand is cooler than australia? You are physco. Sorry,I'm judging. But I live in Australia and its the awesomest place you will ever see. Lush green raainforests, glistening, sparkling oceans, glorious deserts, awesome cities and peaceful, tranquil gorgeous waterfalls. What more could you want? Seriously? Sorry, I'm blabbering...

Nicole said...

Well I've never been to any of these places so I shouldn't say anything till I have been there! My bf is going to Australia soon, though.