dances with dogs

What you see is the aftermath of my dancing for a little over a 1/2 hour with my puppy. I think I wore her out. I KNOW i wore myself out!!! I was sitting there, falling asleep at the table- the only one home- and i just could not take it anymore. I started blasting music and dancing around the living room-- during a particularly exciting dance to "Don't Stop Believin'", I jumped onto one of our ottomans and proceeded to air guitar. Cali seemed to enjoy this. She also seemed to enjoy it when I smashed my head on the ceiling causing a slight dent. I am fairly certain Emily is the only one who reads this....soo...I am ok posting that here.

The point of this is- I had SO much fun dancing around my living room...with Cali of course! I immediately felt better, felt awake, (felt out of breath & sweaty), and felt totally re-energized. :) I have been doing Tony Horton work out stuff to get into shape but I'm starting to think rocking out to music in the living room is just as good at burning calories. AND, it also helped me realize how much great music I have on my computer and how I should make a point to listen to a bunch of satisfyingly amazing songs every day.

ok. time to go drink loads of water and laugh at myself (and the dent in the ceiling that i am hoping Jeff doesn't notice. Not sure how i'd explain that one...)

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Emily said...

I can't wait to see that dent! xox